Ardell Lashes Review : 106, 114, 118 (Black) and Demi Wispies

Ardell Lashes Review : 106, 114, 118 (Black) and Demi Wispies:

Your eyes can make a lot of difference to your overall look, especially when you are attending a special occasion – be it a day time or night time one. Who doesn’t want her eyes to do all the talking at certain occasions, while she can just sit quietly and enjoy all the admiration and attention?

I usually aim to get more dramatic look for night time parties, while for day time, I want to have a soft and natural look that is vibrant enough to make people turn their heads ;).

From my experience, I’ve found out that some of the instant ways to make your face work the best for you are:
  • Get defined and well groomed eyebrows
  • Get rid of under eye dark circles
  • Get rid of chapped lips and
  • Get those ultra-pretty, long and volumized lashes
When it comes to lashes, human males usually score over that. Yes! Males have longer lashes than females. And we girls usually rely only on mascaras to do the job for us which can work well for the everyday job.

A good mascara can define your eyes and make them look more open up but is it enough to make that amazing and an exceptional statement on your special occasion like your first date, your engagement or even wedding?So, what do we do? – We add up more!

I’ve explored the use of false lashes since past couple of months and I am really at awe of how incredibly they can change the complete look of mine.
Thats how, I stumbled upon Ardell eyelashes, and below are the four Ardell Eyelashes that I’d be reviewing today. All the four lash sets are one of a kind and serve completely different purposes. I love the way how versatile they are, and most importantly how strong and durable they are. I’ve experienced very soft touch from these lashes and they never weigh my eyes down or make my lashes and eyes tired. In fact, I don’t even feel as if I am wearing them on my eyes after a few seconds of applying them.
About Ardell Eyelashes:

Ardell Eyelashes Review

Fashion lashes look so real, so natural that others think you were born with beautiful, lush eyelashes. Made of 100% sterlized human hair, each lash strip is knotted and feathered by hand to achieve the highest quality. When used with Ardell lashgrip adhesive, they are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and stay secure until you take them off. Each pair can be re-used up to three weeks.

Availability: You can purchase Ardell eyelashes online at Amazon India and  Amazon US

Below are the four sets and how they look on me:

1) Ardell Fashion eyelashes set 106 (Black)

Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 106

These lashes are evenly spaced in small chunks, making my lashes look volumized and beautiful at the same time. I like the way they give a dramatic look to my lashes, without making them look like they’d blow up people if I bat them…I feel them quite comfortable on my eyes and consider wearing them at night parties.

Ardell Fashion Eyelashes Review 106
Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 106

2) Ardell Fashion Eyelashes set 118 (Black)

Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 118

These lashes are built in the way our own natural lashes are built – smallest hair at the internal corner and largest at the outer one. The lashes grow exponentially in a curve from inner corner to outer one. These look quite beautiful and again light on my eyes. These lashes give lengthening as well as volumizing effects to eyes. I can wear them for a day party as well, as they give a natural finish to my overall look without looking too flashy or dramatic.

Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 118
Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 118 review
Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 118 review

3) Ardell Invisiband Eyelashes Demi Wispies (Brown)

Ardell Invisiband Eyelashes Demi Wispies

These are brown false lashes typically built in small chunks connected through a thin invisible tape. The lashes are well built in chunks, so that you can even cut a chunk out and use it separately as a demi lash for a more natural look. However, brown didn’t work too well for me, coz of mere reason that it didn’t gel well with my black lashes. Also these lashes were a bit shorter in length for my eyes. However, I can easily cut the chunks and use them separately.

Ardell Invisiband Eyelashes Demi Wispies (Brown)
Ardell Invisiband Eyelashes Demi Wispies (Brown)

4) Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 114(Black):

Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 114 (Black)

I’ve had the most fun time using these lashes. These are the kind of lashes you’d see on a model, who blows away everything in front of her with a single blink. You call it doll like lashes, OTT lashes or anything else, these are the densest pair of lashes I’ve every wore till date and I absolutely love them the most of all.

Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 114 (Black)
Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 114 (Black)
Ardell Fashion Eyelashes 114 (Black) Review
Below are some pros and cons of these lashes:
1)   The built and texture of these lashes are extremely sturdy and you can play around with them well, without worrying about breaking.
2)   The lashes are delicate enough to be carried on your eyes without you having to feel their weight. They give a feather like touch to your lashes, thereby making them look beautiful.
3)   I like the way these lashes are versatile – especially number 118 and Demi wispies. If you don’t want to flaunt full set of dramatic false lashes, you can cut the chunks separately and use these individual demi-lashes. They’d give you a great control on how you want your lashes to look like, and they look completely natural too – perfect for a day time party look.
4)   You get a wide variety of lashes for different occasions, eye-shapes, sizes etc to choose from.
1)   If you are from India, and want to try these lashes then you need to buy it from online stores that ship to India and you might have to pay the shipping charges.

2)  None of the pairs comes with any adhesive.I can’t find any other con from these lashes.

Overall verdict: Except for the Demi Wispies in brown, all the lashes complimented my eyes and overall look. Brown lashes would suit people with natural brown lashes and eyebrows. I absolutely love these lashes and I’d definitely recommend you to get the Number 118, which are black eyelashes and can be used as demi-lashes as well,  at the least. They can work for any look be it natural or dramatic, depending on how you build them up.
Also, demi-lashes give you a lot of control on how you want your lashes to look like. They define your eyes and your overall look beautifully by lifting your lashes, while keeping them naturally beautiful. If you want a dramatic look then I’d recommend you to go for number 106 and 118 for sure. For OTT look and for extra-special effects, you can choose 114.
Rating: 4/5
Have you tried false lashes? Share your experience with me in your comments. 

Note: PR Sample;honest review
PS: The post contains an affiliate link for the retail site where you can purchase the product. When you use this link to buy the product, you support the site. The reviews presented here are honest and completely based on my personal experience with the product.

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