Review: Beauty Angel Special Edition Perfect Make-Up Kit – Green, Swatches

I got this lovely palette a couple of days back for review. Check out more details below:

About Beauty Angel Special Edition Make-Up Kit, GREEN

Price: USD $14.50 

What all you get? 

  • Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
  • 100% Authentic
  • Includes 12 Color And 2 Blush
  • Dimensions(Open): 12cm X 17cm X 1cm
  • EyeShadow Net: 1.2g X 12
  • Blush Net: 5g X 2

My experience with this palette

The palette comes in a beautiful handy book case packaging that locks securly through magnet locking system. The eyeshadows provided by the palette belong to satiny and shimmery texture. All the shades are decently pigmented and glide on well on to my lids. However, I experienced a bit of fall out from certain shades, but nothing that can’t be tamed and removed off using some loose powder and brush.
The blushes provided by the palette are smooth and easy to blend. Both pink and peach give a beautiful color to the cheeks, but I found them a bit on the cooler side and are very sheer. They might not show much on warmer skintones. The palette also provides a small brush with a sponge applicator at the other end. The brush is quite stiff and hard and I don’t think it might be of much use. Sponge tip applicator can be used to highlight the inner corners of your eyes well. The mirror provided by the palette is slim and rectangular, good enough to see your eyes at one time, or your lips.

Now let us have a look into the palette and the stuffs provided by it below:


Upper Row:

Eyeshadows and swatches from Left to Right:

1) Shade 1 is a frosty shimmery white eyeshadow with a hint of silver into it. It looks gorgeous when used to highlight inner corners of the eyes for dramatic eye makeup looks and smokey eye looks.
2) Shade 2 is again a satiny silver eyeshadow, with less luminosity that can be good for highlighting.
3) Shade 3 is a pearly white frost eyeshadow that can work well to highlight the inner corners and browbone for people having warmer skintones, without looking too stark.
4) Shade 4 is a gorgeous bronzy gold eyeshadow that has fine shimmers to it.

Check out individual swatches below: 

Middle Row:

Eyeshadows from left to right:

1) Shade 1 is a gorgeous cool toned green eyeshadow with a bit of fluorescence in it. It has a satiny texture.

2) Shade 2 is a beautiful frosty bluish-grey shade with fine shimmers to it.

3) Shade 3 is a shade with browns and golds into it. It is one of my favourites of all the eyeshadows of this kit.

4) Shade 4 is a deep green shimmery shade.

Check out the individual swatches below:

Lower Row:

Eyeshadows from left to right:

1) Shade 1 is a gorgeous dark grey shade with midnight blue undertones to it, which is my second favorite from this palette. I absolutely love this shade. It has fine shimmers in it and buttery smooth texture.

2) Shade 2 is a greyish brown shade with a touch of khakhi color to it and shimmers in it.

3) Shade 3 is a satiny smooth beautiful green color.

4) Shade 4 is my third most favorite shade of this makeup kit. It is a lovely satiny carbon black eyeshadow – perfect for a gorgeous smokey look.

Check out the individual swatches below:


Applicator and brush

Below are some likes and dislikes that I’ve felt about this kit:


1) Gorgeous shades for a complete eye look. The colors can be mixed and matched well to create various makeup looks for all purposes.

2) All the eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented and just one swipe is enough to capture the true color of a shadow.

3) Buttery smooth texture.

4) With the quality and quantity you get at that price, the deal is definitely a steal.

5) The eyeshadows didn’t cause me any allergic reactions.


1) Some of the eyeshadows give fall outs, but it can easily be tamed using a loose powder and then brushing it off.

2) Blame it to fall outs, but the staying power of some of the eyeshadows is only till 2-3 hours. So, it is better you use a good eyeshadow primer beneath them.

3) Availability might be a problem as it is not available at stores all around the world, but you can order it from

4) Blushes are quite sheer in pigmentation and a bit on cooler side, so might not show up well on warmer skintones.

Overall verdict:
I love these eyeshadows and it is really fun to play around with the colors provided by it to create different looks. I’ll share some of the makeup looks and tutorials with you soon here, so stay tuned!! 🙂

Rating: 3.5/5

Below is a look I tried to create while having fun with these eyeshadows. 
Basically I tried to create and tone down the makeup kit’s cover model’s look to make it less dramatic and more wearable! 🙂

What do you think about this makeup kit? Share your opinion with me in your comments below.

Note: PR Sample; Honest review

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