Review: Lancôme Blanc Expert Nuit

I got this sample product with the purchase of Lancôme’s L’Absolu Nu Lipstick – Voile de Rose. I began using this cream at night since 1st July and yesterday the cream got finished, so I thought of sharing my experience with you guys here. Check out more details below:


Review: Lancôme Blanc Expert Nuit
About Lancome Blanc Expert Nuit – Firmness restoring whitening night cream
A revolutionary night cream that helps stimulate collagen production and reduce melanin production. Night after night, skin looks regenerated, bouncier and fairer.
Price: Around INR 4000/-

Quantity: 1.7oz
My experience with this cream:
Although I can’t give a full fledged review of the product from just 7 nights of usage, but my experience with this cream was definitely a “Wow factor” for me. I feel weird saying this but I could relate the 7 nights of this cream usage to the same “wow factor” an item number creates in a boring Bollywood movie… lol.
Anyways, now coming to the cream, the first thing that I loved the most about it was the moist floral fragrance which was very mild yet noticeable and extremely relaxing to the senses. The cream has balanced consistency and blends well into the skin. It is extremely light on application and creates a soft dewy finish on my oily-combination skin.
The most noticeable thing about this cream was that I could notice a soft glow on my face within 3-4 nights of usage. My face looked less tired (despite bad health and even lesser sleep!) and although my skin tone has become somewhat even with my beauty regime since past few months, there were changes that were definitely noticeable. Another thing I noticed was that I never felt my skin oily after waking up. Usually I get oil around my nose, chin and eye lids every morning, but since past few days I didn’t notice them at all. My skin felt fresh and relaxed after the night sleep and I definitely loved the feeling a lot. One of my close friends with whom I usually go for lunch also noticed the subtle healthy look and asked me about it. That baffled me a lot, I mean 6-7 nights of usage couldn’t make “That big” a difference!! ???

I loved the cream and my experience definitely left me wanting for more. But, apart from its huge price the other thing stopping me from getting it is that Lancôme tests its products on animals, something I don’t like at all. But, whatever is the case, I am sad that it got over and I want to use it again. I might start saving for the full version now that I’ve seen a trailer of it, and if I don’t get similar results from any other cream. Also, I wonder if the cream is discontinued coz I couldn’t find much of any online information, so if you know anything about it kindly let me know.


Below are some pics: 






Have you tried Lancome Blanc Expert Nuit? Share your experience with me in your comments below.

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