Unite 7seconds Condition Leave in Detangler Review

Unite 7seconds Condition Leave in Detangler Review

My hair can be compared to almost any of the evergreen trees of the world, as they remain same throughout the year. No matter what season it is, the texture and health of my hair hardly ever buzz, except for the times I spent in New York when it was -25 degree Celsius outside, and my hair went crazily frizzy, that I had to buy an anti-frizz spray in sheer desperation to make my hair look normal.

Apart from that, my hair always remain more or less the same – slightly wavy and curly towards the outer third, and straight along the roots. I do face minor hair fall, which can mostly be regarded to my lack of patience.

Since, my hair tend to get curly towards the outer end, I need to be more careful in brushing them off. However, my lack of patience usually gets over me and I simply end up getting a handful of hair on the hair brush – subjected to my brutal barbarism.

My hair care routine is very normal and basic. I don’t use any hair mask (natural or artificial) at all, much because of my laziness. All I do is apply some hair oil, leave it there for one hour, wash and then condition my hair and I repeat this every 2-3 days. I do love to style my hair on special occasions, using hot curling iron, but that is a rarity in itself. I’ve used permanent hair colors twice till now and that also didn’t make any effect on my hair.

So, all in all my only problem with hair is getting them soft and tangle free after I wash them off so as to keep them well nourished and avoid hair uprooting. Also, I wanted to get a nice heat protectant that I could use for hair styling. I’ve been using Giovanni heat protectant, but it didn’t have spray and the lotion was too liquid to apply evenly on my hair, so it is just kept on my shelf – untouched.

What I got to solve both of my above problems was this – Unite 7seconds Condition Leave in Detangler , and I am really glad to have used it till now. Let us check out more details below:

Unite 7seconds Condition Leave in Detangler

Unite 7seconds Condition Leave in Detangler Review

1. Locks in color
2. Detangles in just seven seconds
3. Stylist’s favorite cutting tool
4. UV Protector
5. Thermal Protector
6. Eva Longoria’s favorite
7. All Hair types

Price for the quantity (at the time I bought): USD $22 for 8 fl.oz (236ml)

My experience with this product:

This leave in conditioner/detangler comes in a nice handy bottle with a nozzle to spray. I love such hair products since they ensure that all the sides of your hair are covered evenly and completely. I usually spray 4-6 times on my damp hair and then simply comb after that. I have felt my hair to be softer and tangle free every time I’ve used it, and since it’s a leave in conditioner, it does impart extra shine and softness to my hair.

One thing that I am absolutely crazy about this detangler is its awesome fragrance. It smells deliciously fruity – more like plums and the fragrance remains that way on my hair for 3-4 hours. More than me, my husband loves its fragrance on my hair! 😛

This detangler has definitely helped me get lesser hair fall in my after-hairwash combing. I usually don’t comb my hair when it’s wet, but wait for 15-20 minutes till my hair gets slightly damp. Sometimes I’ve used this spray on my dry hair as well and it has worked nicely in giving softness and shine.

So, on that note, let us check out some likes and dislikes that I’ve felt about it below:


1) I like the handy packaging of this product, which gives good control over the spray and helps cover all your hair evenly.

2) The lovely fruity fragrance of this spray is my absolute favorite.

3) It does help in detangling my hair well, thereby giving just 1-2 minor hair fall, while I brush my damp hair.

4) It gives nice hydration to my hair, thereby making them soft and shiny.

5) I love the fact that it never meddled with my hair texture. I’ve used hair sprays before that made my outer third curls straight and I hated them for that. This however, didn’t make any change to how my hair looks, and I really like it for this.

6) It has worked as a good thermal protectant as well, for my hair styling sessions.

7) UNITE products are not tested on animals.


1) It contains sulfates and silicones. 🙁

2) Availability is a concern, as it isn’t available everywhere. However, you can check online shopping websites like Amazon  etc. to get a hold on this product.

Overall: I really love this product for what it delivers. It is neither too harsh, nor too gentle – just perfect to get what you want – soft, nourished hair within seconds, with lovely fruity fragrance that stays for hours. Definitely recommended.

Rating: 4/5 (B+) 

Check out more pics and ingredient list below : 

Unite 7 Seconds Condition Review


How to use this detangler

Unite 7Seconds Condition Detangler Ingredients

Unite 7seconds Condition Leave in Detangler Review
And here is one pic of how my hair looks, after I’ve used this spray and combed through:

My hair after using Unite 7seconds condition leave in detangler
So, what do you think about this product?
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