Confume Argan Hair oil Review

Confume Argan Hair oil Review


A picture of Confume Argan Hair oil
  •  Provides nutrition to the hair, enabling it to maintain its original liveliness.
  •  Well absorbed into every single hair,  granting moisture, luster and elasticity to your hair.
  •  Takes careful care of dry area to allow a moisturizing quick effect.
  •  Protects the hair from heat,at the same time shortening the hair-drying time.

Suitable For All Hair Types

Price: USD 19.00 for 120ml 

A picture of Confume Argan Hair Oil

My experience with Confume Argan Hair oil:

I’ve been using Confume Argan Hair oil since past 1 week now and have quite loved it so far. The most surprising thing about this argan hair oil was that it didn’t look or feel like an oil in any way. It has more serum like consistency, look and feel and works the same way on my hair as well. I’ve slightly dry and wavy hair, that tend to get more dried up, sticky, frizzy, weird and unmanageable in hot/cold weather . There were times when I used to get what you can call a “sparrow’s nest” on my head because of the dryness and frizz. Anyways, gone are those days and with proper care I’ve managed to get lesser “bad hair days” now. However, with current changing climatic conditions at my place, my hair also seem to have gone quite crazy thereby giving me a hard time managing them. I like the way this argan hair oil works so well in giving a shiny smooth texture to my hair and make them look healthy as well.

The oil feels extremely light and just vanishes into nothingness, while leaving just soft, smooth and bouncy (for my waves!) hair. It has never weighed down my hair and I am absolutely loving it. I don’t use much hot hair treatments except for occasionally using a hair dryer and once in a while curling my hair.

Since past week, I’ve blow dried my hair just once and before doing that I used this argan hair oil. I liked the way it avoided that dry-slightly-frizzy feel that I usually get after blow drying my hair. My hair felt soft, shiny and perfectly manageable, so I do agree to its claim as a heat protectant.
The thing that I loved most about this argan hair oil is that it is an “oil” that works like a serum. It doesn’t have harmful chemicals and “silicones” that build up on your hair over a period of time and make them look lack-luster. This oil works naturally on improving your hair texture. Also, it has slightly floral herbal fragrance which is quite soothing to the senses and gives some relaxed peace of mind every time I put it on.

Overall, a decent product at a great price. They recommend using it on body and nails as well. I’ve not tried it yet, but sure love to do so and see the results. The only problem is the availability as it is not available widely, but you can get it from HERE

  Check out more pics and swatches below:

A picture of Confume Argan Hair Oil


A picture of Confume Argan Hair Oil


A picture of Confume Argan Hair Oil


Confume Argan Hair Oil - Before and After
Before and after pic. I know you can’t see much difference here, but you can definitely notice that it doesn’t weigh down my hair. Also, it has given a certain bounce to my waves, making them more manageable and soft.

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